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#100247 - ‘Don’t stop! Don’t Stop!’ she screamed as I looked up and saw Kate and Kath doing something they were obviously well used to doing together… wanking each other off… ‘DON’T STOP! DON’T STOP! DON’T STOPPPPPPPPP!!!!!! But I couldn’t stop anyway and suddenly I came, the girls came and Hells Bells did Aunty Barbara cum? It jetted out of her cunt and onto my belly and ran down my thighs where it mixed with my cum dripping out of her arsehole from where I had just taken my rapidly shrinking cock. Oh all right, I’m lying! Its just I hadn’t really seen her ‘bare chested and close’ for quite a few years now and the sight of those magnificent breasts straining in that bra was just too much; so I pulled it off and let them spill out into my hands. Kate suggested I lie down on the sofa, which I did and Kath continued her work from the floor while Kate straddled my face burying it, almost to the point of suffocation, in her densely furry bush.

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