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#220603 - I call Kayla about 11 o’clock on her cell phone she tells me she has been really busy since I dropped her off getting ready for tonight cleaning and putting lotion on every inch of her body she said “I was almost temped to finger my self in the shower but I didn’t! I wanted you to play with me and I wanted your hard dick ramming me from behind in and out furiously till I squirt all over your cock…” she paused “oh god just thinking about you makes me want to cum!” “oh yeah” I say “you want me fucking you doggy style? Or fucking you with your legs high and spread ?” “both!” she said in a kind of moaning voice “I want you to lick every inch of my body” Kayla continues “including my tits witch are pointing at everything, my ass after a good spanking and especially my pussy witch is soooo tinder even blowing on it makes my shiver!” she goes on seducing me over the phone until it was about 11:30 when I stopped her and told her I have to go get ready also “before I go though you have to drink

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