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#94182 - I grab a belt and begin whipping her and telling her that she will comply with my rules I hear Julia tell the other girls to get back to work when I look back the other 7 girls are doing well, and no one is crying. I tell her to open her legs as I strap her to the bed she has a pretty pussy I tell Amber to get over here and lick her pussy I pick up my cat and stand behind her when she begin she is slow and sloppy and I tell her what to do I begin slapping her ass she stops and I hit her harder I tell her to lick her clit I also tell Wendy that she can cum at any time, I begin hitting Amber harder telling her to pull the hood back suck her clit I push her ass up and slap her pussy and see that she is wet I tell her that if she cums I strap her to the cross and whip her again when I see that she isn’t doing it right I push her head down into the pussy I look over at the other girls and see that Julia has them working on sucking dick. She picks Wendy she was the only girl that really di

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