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#354547 - For several moments she could not breath at all, as her little pet heart was pounding along with trying to suck in some air, her relief came when he did, as she was first gushed with a cumload of his sickening sweet cum that was followed by several more titillating squirts that filled her mouth almost full. Late one Saturday night after she had been used well by most of the workers, Navarro was the last, and he had been forcefully face fucking her to the point of really gagging her, to where she could not breath, he had been repeatedly slapping her, so she really bit his dick so hard it left teeth marks, he was quite surprised and screamed obscenities in half Spanish and English as he jerked his sore and bitten cock out. Her leash was not on at the time, as Navarro had carelessly left it unhooked, something her master had told him not to do.

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