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#348152 - All I said was, Alrighty then, this isn't much like you, but I guess I'll play along We both went out the doors at the back of the hallway we were in walked over to the next set of doors, opened them and the principle waked out. Then I thought to my self, hey I wonder what it would look like if I shaved all of my pubes off? So I quickly slid the shower door open and grabbed a razor out of the package and returned to the steamy shower where I lathered pubic are with a bar of soap and returned it to the small self, I then took the razor and began to carefully remove my pubic hair, then I gently moved my cock to one side and held it against my leg and very carefully began to shave my balls, once I had finished I rinsed my self off and finished washing m legs.

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Love your pink socks
Kyou fujibayashi
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Kouki furihata
I want you all the titme