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#145750 - I look up at her and said “ sorry about that Christine I wasn’t watching where I was going. I’m sorry you not getting the full experience of your first time if we only had time I would suck you dry and would allow you bury your face in pussy i was so looking for to it may know time I sure hope you are enjoying this. As soon as has removed it fully from her pussy she look Up at me said “‘Damn it Scott I thought you told you know how put one of these on?” Still shaking “ I thought that how put it on I’m sorry ( starts to cry) I didn’t think there was right way and wrong way put one on damn it I’m sorry?” I said Christine lift up condom a notice it was half empty this I really got nervous because I had pumped a hell of a lot more into it “ Christine does that mean some of it leak out while it was inside of you? She just nod her head “ Oh shit ! With that Amount my cum still inside could you get pregnant damn it what fucking moron I am” I said Christine reach over to a hold of me sai

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