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#50397 - She was so engrossed by the trashy novel, that she wasn't paying attention when the news announcer spent a good two minutes on a story about a series of assaults on single women in the metropolitan area! All of the women were between the ages of twenty two and forty, and either lived alone or were alone at the time of the attacks! Entry was usually made through an unlocked window, although unbelievably, a few women reported that the intruder entered through and unlocked door!!! After finishing the next chapter, Judy brushed her teeth, turned off the television, and turned in for the night, if she had been more alert, she would have gone around and made sure all of the windows and doors were locked up tight, unfortunately though, she did not!!! A little past two a dark figure used a sharp pocket knife to cut the screen to the back porch window, seconds later, now inside the single story bungalow, the figure padded quietly across the carpeted living room to Judy's bed room! Put

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