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#134312 - We rocked with the rhythm of passion silently, two separate people making one being, perhaps creating another being form our love, I sensed she was near the moment of release of her inner tensions that orgasm was nigh and I came, seemingly gallons of boiling cum flooding her parts, she cried out then stilled and slowly gently I withdrew, and so as not to disturb her as she lay in the middle of the bed, I curled up happily on the floor. So stop trying to make me cum. I closed my eyes, it still couldn't be Ileana, but, well, at that moment I didn't really care, ok she was a whore but she was still a woman and I knew she would fake an orgasm but that still didn't stop me trying to give her a genuine one but oh she was good, working her pussy muscles trying to milk the cum right out of me, so I let her do the work, I just had a bit of a think about how to track down Ileana, as I just rocked fairly gently and then when she started to get frustrated I decided to teach her a little lesson

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