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#223486 - Peter had moved behind me and I felt his cock resting at my hole as he whispered “now it’s time that I get some fine pussy” and with that he pushed his cock straight up into me holding onto my hips as he did so, a jolt of pain shot right through me and I immediately stopped fucking Sally, “don’t stop she cried out” as she moved her hips and contracted her pussy muscles sucking down hard on my cock. Peter received their drinks that he had ordered on the way past the bar and settled down next to me suggesting that Sally had only mentioned the threesome as it was a pet fantasy she had had for quite a while but had never acted upon. I asked her if she was comfortable and she replied that it had been very relaxing and could not tell whom was doing what, but assumed Peter had been touching her pussy and boobs, I said maybe, maybe not, what did she think of that, well it’s very nice whoever is touching me and with that laid back down, so I slowly bent over her pussy and gently breathed hot

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