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#160520 - This was the first of seven scheduled meetings and Mary was nervous to say the least! Several of the other women were talking in subdues voices when a firm voice resounded, If we could all take our seats, we can get started! Mary looked up to find the location of the voice and was a little taken a back when she discovered that the voice belonged to an absolutely stunning blonde of about thirty five or so! The group quickly quieted down as everyone's attention gravitated to the blonde. Good evening ladies, my name is Veronica Knight, but since this will be an informal class you may call me Roni! You're all here for the same reason, so we might as well get down to it right away! It was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop as everyone in the class stared impassively at Veronica Knight! I've found that best way to get comfortable with the situation is for everyone to remove all their clothing from the waist down, Roni said evenly.

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