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#323204 - It was even better than the first time, as he was getting close to cumming, I told him I wanted it down my throat, he pulled his cock out, and started fucking my face, filling my throat with his cum, I swallowed it all, and kept his cock inside my mouth, sucking and licking it clean. I was a very horny girl, I had been playing with myself at an early age and had given blow jobs to my older brothers friends, but I was saving my cherry for a more experienced guy, I wasn't expecting him to be that much older, but I'm glad it was Jim. I got on my knees, and he stuck his cock into my pussy, ohhhh yesss, that felt great, he started fucking me hard.

Read Spain (週7)超導體魯蛇 1-27 中文翻譯(更新中) Perfect Pussy (週7)超導體魯蛇 1-27 中文翻譯(更新中)

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Shouko nishijima
Omg i need a hard cock in my mouth need cum need a real man
How the hell you make out off that flight without no one sayin nothin lol
M. bison
I wish my son would do this with me