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#101128 - There wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do sex was like a drug. Mike beat me to it screaming out loud as he filled my bottom with rope after rope of hot spunk, this just sent me over the top collapsing to the floor a dildo hanging from my cunt and spunk flooding from my newly empty arsehole. That was the first time anyone had seen me pee since I was a little girl, Dave took full advantage I was stood legs wide over the pan blushing like a school girl as pee started to jet from my pee hole he had three fingers worked up my twat I was so excited I was starting to cum again piss went everywhere, I knew it was filthy but I watched him lick his fingers clean, before he dipped them in once more and fed them to me.

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Gia paige got thicccc and i love it great acting too i give this a solid 9 10 would be higher with a cumshot
I am an amputee i would love for someone to suck my stump