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#9954 - Saturday arrived and Jan and I were in the car heading out of Adelaide at six thirty am, we made good time to Sally and Peter’s arriving just after eight, Peter answered the door and invited us in giving Jan a big hug whilst suggesting that Sally had just rushed off to the shower when she had heard us pull up. Sally said to Peter “the bikini looks better on Jan than it does on me Pete, don’t you think so?” Peter replied “what can I say darling, I don’t want to get myself into trouble with either of you girls,” “Just speak the truth!” Jan chipped in, with out opening her eyes. “Well if you think so Jim, I certainly want to try the Spa, but this bikini is nothing more than a thong and two pasties for a top, I am sure they must have got this from Colombia, it’s just as well I waxed before we came away or all my pubes would be sticking out all over the place!” Jan looked hotter than I had ever seen her before, the top barely covered her nipples and the material on the G just covered her

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Funny how these guys are trying to give it everything and she is just laughing at them
Samething i was thinking
Matsuri katou
I wish she was my mom also i love her hentais xd