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#372443 - On the way back to the motel, the men would pull my skirt up and slap my ass or flash me to others, as we reached the parking lot, jo-jo made me take my top off and walk the rest of the way with my tits hanging out , we passed a couple on the stairs and one of the guys said you can look but that’s it this white cunt is ours …. before I could move the next guy had replaced him filling me fast and easy he was slamming his BBC deep in me, jo-jo came over and kissed me saying you love it, you fat white nasty whore take his black nasty cock, she pulled her panties out of my mouth and said go on beg for his black cock ….

Read Vintage 理樹君で遊ぼうっ! - Little busters Gay Handjob 理樹君で遊ぼうっ!

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Junta teshima
Ummmm she has all the power here i got really wet just watching