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#281875 - They talked and Brenda wound up coming home with us that morning, I told mom about the tip, she says oh that’s going to bring a huge shouting match from your father, I laughed saying so, he deserves it, she giggles saying I know, but he’ll still yell and shout, I shrugged my shoulders saying who cares. So after an hour I went in as always and played with her nude body, she seemed to be now sleeping that way which was much easier on me to say the least. She caressed my face saying so youngman, from this time on, I’m yours to have anytime you need me, in any hole you want to take me, and if Brenda is here, she’ll let you too, right girlfriend? Brenda is eating the pie and pipes in, right, whatever she said, right and we both laughed.

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Kirara amanogawa
Estas buenisima
Sosogu hoshifuri
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