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#97719 - Dale stopped kissing me and pulled the teddy up and off my head the he sucked on my nipple then taking my whole tit in his mouth he sucked hard making me moan with pleasure when he finished sucking one of my tits he changed to the other one and did the same first sucking my nipple then my whole tit in his mouth Keniesha climbed onto the bed behind me and began kissing my neck and shoulders, Dale lowered his hands and pulled down my lacy panties to my knees and Keniesha pulled them rest of the way off of me now i was fully naked, Dale and Keniesha both took off their robes so we were all naked together. Keniesha looked at me and said i looked beautiful in the matching pink panties and bra, she chose another set of lingerie for me to try on so i took the bra and panties of and she handed me a sheer white teddy and matching lacy panties to try on so she helped me to step into the panties and then pulled the teddy over my head and let it fall down onto my body, You look so sexy in that

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Yurie hitotsubashi
Awesome how could it happen so quick
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Satoshi fukube
Goddamn wish she got those tits out
Sonoko nogi
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