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#171951 - I moved my hand gingerly over him and rested when I could feel the material of his briefs at the tip of my fingers, I was breathing hard and having trouble keeping my erection from touching him. I carried on doing this for a few minutes and I noticed his breathing was getting more shallow and rapid, that when I realised I was gonna make him cum, my heart pounded with excitement, my cock screamed for attention but I just carried on making him feel good, I felt his cock stiffen,I could sense the bed under me vibrating from his shaking body as I felt his hot cum flowing through his cock, I wanted to feel it erupt from him so I moved my hand to the head of his cock as he spurted his hot spunk over my hand, the bed and his briefs, my fingers were covered as I continued to pleasure him, I could feel his body relax as his erection slowing waned, I held him in my hand for a while longer then placed his cock back in his cum soaked briefs, I rested my hand on his crotch for a while before he

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