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#408966 - After that I had her suck me clean, she didn’t mind that to much, she thanked me for easing some of her itch, I laughed saying oh we’ve only just begun, I just need something to drink and she says well I don’t keep liquor here you know that? I said yep that’s why I brought some with me, so I’ll make myself something to drink, you go douche yourself out and by the time we get back to bed I’ll be ready for round two and she giggled saying no way? I said you’ll see and off I went to the kitchen. I slid my shaft back into her cunt, fucked her for a good while and all of a sudden I pulled out, aimed for her ass and touched her there, she grunted saying go on, fuck me in my dirty ass damn it, fuck it good and damn if I didn’t. I said number one, this has to go, no options here, shave it before we start so go, shave your pussy bald and I can promise you the best sex you’ve ever had in years and she groaned but knew I was right/ I came in as she was sitting on the side of the tub, her b

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