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#24684 - When 6:45 came around, the guys started to come in, the bell went off, and Amanda said I have it, so she went to the door, she opened it and the two that were there just smiled and she showed them to the lanai, all she had on was a black bow tie, she looked hot, her hair was done up, pulled atop her head, she had on some make up and she looked like she was a million dollars, or more, I wanted to make passionate love to her right then and there, she just smiled and said nope, games on. We all tried our best, but Jim won, so she said ok, he's won already so which ever one of you three wins next gets to go into the bedroom, well it took three hands before Mark won, he stood up and grabbed Amanda's hand, almost pulling her down the hall to the bedroom, we played another hand, he came out quicker than the other two, but he too had the big grin on his face. That week I was so busy that I hadn't gotten with her until Thursday morning to tell her what I wanted for the game, sh

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