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#87060 - When he came, Jack moaned as if he were coming himself, and it was quite obvious that Jack was in love with Carl's cock! Now Carl had never sucked a cock himself, but seeing how much Jack loved it, he decided to give it a try, so after pushing Jack back onto the bed, Carl leaned over and gently took in the older man's prick, surprised at how smooth the head was! Although it tasted a little salty it was really starting to turn him on! Cocksucker!!! That's what Jack called him as Carl licked and sucked the knob of his dick. 00 extra if he had to fuck a bitch!! Sometimes he would make them fuck in front of him before he would let either of them touch his beautiful hardon. He loved to hear the women tell him he had the most perfect cock they had ever seen--and then not let them touch it!!! Once he made an old bitch take her husband's cock up her asshole before he would let her suck him.

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