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#62175 - Now this story takes place not long after I first met Maddy and Jay. good girl he said as he got up and pulled his jeans on the crowd all cheering and clapping , Maddy watching on wishing she could have had that huge cock too but as the crowd settled down she just laid down next to Kelly calling her a dirty little slut as they both laughed.   I reached down and around her waist into her shorts until I felt the top of her puss, she turned and faced me desperately needing cock she grabbed my hand and led me through a doorway and into a tiny bathroom, shutting the door behind us she ripped my clothes off me while I strip her of hers, she was so small I just threw her around where I wanted her , I picked her up and sat her on the sink as I shoved my cock into her soaking wet pussy, moaning and wimpering as I slowly slammed my cock into her fuck me baby fuck me she whispered kissing as she braced her feet off the wall i pumped her puss hard for a few minutes before she told me to

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