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#394858 - We called Joe both of us talked to him explained we were new to this but were ready to try it and told him that I would be present at all times and I would be filming for our collection and may join in at times . I rubbed the head of my cock at the back door sliding up and down not trying to enter just out pressure on it she started to push back so I knew she was ready ,I entered slowly just the head and let her adjust to the new intruder in her ass she moaned with a little pain saying I was too big but started to push so more of my cock was in her we screwed slowly till all of my hard cock was deep inside her ass and she held me there for a few minutes she reached over for a vibrator and started to fuck herself in the pussy at the same time then she started moving fast so I kept up with her I could feel she was close to orgasm so I started to talk dirty to her saying my whore like it in the ass she likes two cocks on in the ass one the pussy doesn’t she ? Come on bitch come for me yo

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You are hands down the best content creator i have seen there s something about you and the way you make your hentais that s just so alluring you are insanely gorgeous and your voice gives me shivers i ll definitely be a recurring visitor to this channel i ll be sure to leave some tips as well to show my appreciation you are simply ethereal i m gonna simp so fucking hard
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Aww thank you