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#8549 - Hi got some good new stuff if your interested , No after some toy's this time, What you got planned he asked , I told him i really can't say then he noticed Debbie sitting in my car, That your Daughter Debbie , He know all about how i was bringing up Debbie on my own . When she finished i took a pair of her tightest fitting panties from the draw , I got her to stand up next to the bed , she was still weak & shaking a bit , She looked incredibly sexy standing all sweaty & flushed with her cunt shining wet, I gave it quick lick making sure i caught her clitotis it made her wince . Seeing Debbie looking through the latex clothes & bondage wear Mike joked to me I don;t thing we stock them in her size.

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Manami kasuga
Like if you want to fuck me like this
Kano miyazawa
Her legs are longer than my future