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#110780 - You may now sleep, I am going to set the alarm for two hours, when it goes off, I want you to get off the bed and come and stand on my side of the bed with your hands on yor head and legs spread, I am going to play with you and then I will allow you some more sleep, this will happen throughout the night but if you do not please me, then I will insist that you stay awake all the rest of the night, do you understand Yes she said. The men could see that as she opened her legs, her lips parted to reveal her clit and cunt to them. he gave her some tissue and washed as she wiped herself, as she threw away the tissue, he reached under her and started to rub her clit and started rubbing it and flicked it and he could feel her orgasm building, what a sight, squatting over the toilet being clit fucked but he was enjoying the view as she gave herself abandon in receipt for an orgasm.

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