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#362205 - When I got down stairs I got a text they were done and cleaning up and I need to go so he could leave or hide out he’s scared and don’t want to see me the husband of the girl he just fucked!! I thought it was funny he was worried about me when I help set it up gave the idea and approved and pushed it a few time now and he was worried id be mad?? lol o well I hid out around the corner and I saw him walk out of the hotel get in his car and drive off! I I got another text saying he left come back as he was getting in his car. I think this set up was turning her on more than she thought! I know I was turned on! She then put her jacket over my lap and unzipped my paints and started jacking me off right there in the movies! WOW She has never done this before I guess she was more in to this night than she let on. anyway she said and made me do what he did so she grabbed my dick like she did his and put it up against her hole and rubbed the head of it up and down her wet pussy lips it wa

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