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#286380 - ” Then I looked towards my feet at Mark’s sleeping face and whispered back to her, “Sorry we shot all over you!” In a slightly raspier whisper she answered, “Mmmm – are you kidding me?! – that was perfect,” then continued in a low voice, “But you know baby, don’t think we’re done with Mark yet!” as she pulled me back over Mark again into a passionate kiss. I lightly and slowly slid my hands down his muscular shoulders and torso, towards his abs, but also tried to keep my focus on how my mouth was working its way to her clit (and Mark’s cock up close too!). He licked down towards her navel, so did I – And meanwhile we were both still grinding our rock hard cocks into her legs and sides, ourselves writhing and waving our bodies while licking away (and though I don’t think he noticed, I sure as hell noticed that he and I were lightly rubbing our sides and butts against one another amidst all the motions).

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