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#74677 - Now no doubt her Husband and the girls for damn sure knew, and who snickered a bit and looked at each other saying yeah mom you went horse back riding alright on a huge black cock riding!! Thedford cut them off with their snickering and said we cannot under any circumstance let any of these people know we are from the future!! How long we have to stay here I have no idea but it's our only shelter and they are treating us extremely well so we'll just play this out and hopefully somehow someway we can find a way to get our car running and get away from here!! The girls just left then and there promising they'd not say a word about where they were from and for damn sure not what year they were actually in when all this happened!! No lights, no gas, no motor car, and not a single luxury that their modern world provided but was absolutely nowhere in their present one!! This left Thedford and his in pain wife there in their room together ea

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