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#289883 - An hour later Ingersoll Coolidge was taking the elevator to room 1113 in a downtown Washington hotel. As the picture came into focus he asked Bobby, What channel? Thirty eight, came back the reply, better hurry, they're just getting to the good part!!! Ingersoll flipped through the channels and stopped at thirty eight, and nearly passed out from nausea when he saw what was on the screen! There in living color was Ingersoll Coolidge, the great hater of homosexuals, on his knees with his legs spread, begging to be fucked by a gigantic penis!!! The phone still at his ear, he heard a loud laugh and then the words being spat at him, Smile, you old queen, you're on Gay Fucking Camera!!! Let's see how that plays back home in 'Bama!!! THE END. Ingersoll Coolidge was surprised, because he wasn't expecting a call, and v?ery few people had this number, but he picked up the receiver and immediately recognized the voice on the other end of the line as that o

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