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#26445 - To give Mum and Gran some time to catch up, Scott had decided to go into town and buy some new jeans and tee shirts, and of course take the opportunity to eye up some talent, there are some handsome young guys work in the shops on Union Street, of course none as hot or sexy as his Ben, but a few where still worth a wank at least. Gran was here visiting, The boys never got to spend a lot of time with Nan, but when they did she spoilt them rotten, and today she had their full day planned out and Sunday was the same, it was nearly a full 60 hours later before the boys found them selves alone with each other, they had both thought about going to each others room after the family had gone to bed, Scott wanted to know how Ben felt about what had happened, and Ben wanted to let Scott know how much he had wanted it to happen, and how much he had enjoyed it and wanted it to happen again and again, but both boys just lay in their own beds in their own little world, as they beat out wank after

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Kyosuke aoi
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Tsukushi tsutsukakushi
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