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#132751 - My dress unzipped your hands come up and brush my long hair behind my shoulders, then as you kiss my neck you slide one strap off my shoulder your lips trailing where the strap had been, I moan as you kiss my neck on the other side and slowly repeat the process, my dress floats to the ground, you gasp when you realise I am not wearing a bra, now clad in only a black g-string, suspenders, thigh high stockings and heels I wait for the feel of your caress on the flesh of my breast but instead you kiss me so tenderly that I forget to take a breath when the kiss ends, suddenly you scoop me up into your arms like an infant, my arms fly up around your neck as I let out gleeful giggle, you walk over to the side of the bed and gently lay me down, I shift up a little and smile as your eyes wander over my body, placing both hands on my thigh you slowly run them down over my stockings, down my leg picking up my foot so you can remove my black pump, my foot still and your hand you begin to kiss fro

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