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#351788 - She screams louder at the sight of the blade and I laugh a cruel laugh. She is perfect, young, beautiful, red hair and a good heart. Two months I've been following her now, watching her every move, studying and learning, she wakes up at 5am, showers, gets dressed feeds her cats, has breakfast and heads to work, she arrives at work at around half 6 and works until 6 in the evening, she leaves work and drives home to have dinner, after she eats she usually watches TV with her cats and gets to sleep around 11pm, some times though she goes out with friends to eat and maybe catch a movie.

Read Amateur Vids Sensei de Senpai | 老師是學姊 Mas Sensei de Senpai | 老師是學姊

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I have hentais in my journal so feel free to go watch
Hope you had a great bday man
Rica concha para lamerla y relamerla