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#29879 - I thought back to Dave, he was hard all the time and never seemed to get soft, but as far as size went it was well about the same as Steve’s. His prime motive in life was to have as much sex as many times as possible, I remember one time I was heavy with my period and just didn’t want him anywhere near me, he nipped upstairs to the bathroom, I went to my bedroom to change into my comfy pajamas, as I walked past the slightly open bathroom door he was wanking himself whilst looking at a magazine of my Mum’s which had a sexy picture of some young thing, I ditched him pretty soon after that. The music was getting louder and voices increased to be heard, I heard a voice I recognised, I looked round and couldn’t tell where it was coming from, I couldn’t bring who it was to mind, then there it was again, I got up and started to walk inside, Steve was busy talking to an ex athlete he knew, they had been on a TV quiz show back home.

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