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#203763 - I spent the next 3 plus hours being fucked on all fours whilst sucking the other one off, riding one while his mate stood over him and got sucked by me, getting fucked missionary while the other one knelt by my head and fucked my mouth, being eaten out by one whilst blowing the other and shorty even mentioned trying a double penetration (one in my pussy, one in my ass) which I was game for but the tall one didn t want to get that close to the short ones cock! I think we ended up using around 8 of the 10 condoms (I let them take them off so they could cum on me or in my mouth after fucking me to remove the temptation of going in “bareback” again) and I swallowed another 3 loads of cum from each one of them, I had taken 10 loads in one night and it was the first time I had ever seen a man “run dry”, I managed to empty both of them! I lost count of the amount of orgasms I had and the whole thing only came to an end when my phone rang, it was my work friend who had obviously only just dr

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Yuri lowell
Love it