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#206819 - On the way to her flat Lynda put her hand onto my leg and remarked how l got her excited in the cinema, l couldn’t wait to get to her flat and show her what else l could do thanks to Julia’s teachings. I woke the next morning feeling very dehydrated and knackered, but after breakfast and 4 glasses of orange juice did l feel human again, l was grateful this was the last day before half-term as there were no lessons as such because teachers brought in films for us to watch, Julia caught me between classes to remind me she would be waiting at the end of the road when school broke up. I hadn’t realised she had leant forward to kiss me on the cheek to thank me for my comment, l turned and we were face to face only inches apart there was an awkward silence, l was thinking do l kiss her, but stopped myself and asked if we could go to the cinema again and she can pick the film, to my surprise Lynda actually sounded excited when she answered “yes”, she kissed me on the cheek, we finished our

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