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#71249 - In the dungeon , currently , Sharon was getting assfucked by her son/master Arthur as she licked Maxine's fat ass , introduced earlier in the day to her Master's mom , , she was currently enjoying getting her asshole & pussy licked , Currently on the tv screen in a very taboo nasty scene , the mom blowjob had turned into an obscene pissfacial humiliation , A few weeks earlier Sharon was being disobedient , so Arthur had pissed on her face( it was the first time , but he had done it many times since ), he had filmed the scene on a tripod & had even allowed his stepdad Philp to watch , while mum blew him , he came in about a minute he smirked. Arthur was about to explode so he turned the wenches over on their backs , & jizzed all over their faces . Chapter 1- The Next Day Philip was filming the scene for his stepson's xxx collection , on her knees , wearing her latest & newest leopard skin bikini & 3 inch heels , Sharon was sucking on her son/master,s 10.

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