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#143235 - Meanwhile Sally peaked and changed places with Carol having been told that she must now use the whip and administer six of her best to her naughty friend, Sally complied and as each blow struck Jan the horny girl bounced forward pushing the big black cock right up into the depths of Carol’s vagina. Jan snapped back “no way Jim, I’ve spent the afternoon at the beautician waxing & having my nails done, I’ve laid out your clothes on the bed, now you get in the house take a shower and get dressed, I will drive and you can rest! I’ve been waiting all week for this weekend and I am not waiting any longer!”. The assistant fluttered around the girls pulling and pushing the material into place, telling the girls they looked fantastic & of course the girls complimented each other, Sally asked the assistant if she would mind if they left the clothes on for a little while to make sure they were comfortable whilst they looked around the shop a little longer.

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Ange katrina
Girl name at 0 23
Please can somebody tell me the name of the girl from the first 2 scenes or even a code for the hentai thank you