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#407370 - Before being set free Osiris and the Tok'ra queen Egeria were trapped in their statis jars for thousands of years which proves that as long as the conditions are right Goa'uld symbiotes can live indefinately, however without our sarcophagus's when we die it's permanent. Several months have passed since I killed all the Unas and started converting the fourth part of the city into living spaces for the growing Nerothian population and Richter in undefeated, he's chosen and fucked many Nerothian Women but is also approached by other Nerothian Women. Although the Goa'uld can never regain the power and status we once had I do take comfort in knowing that everyone thinks the System Lords have fallen and that no Goa'uld is posing as a god so I'm in no danger of ever being hunted by the Tau'ri, free Jaffa and the Tok'ra and knowing that I have all eternity to enjoy being worshiped as a god by my Nerothians.

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