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#292276 - Chris put the vibe to my ass, and gently pushed, I told him push hard, once past the lips it will go in, Sue was off to one side, as Chris leant against the vibe, his body weight firmly behind him, I took a huge sniff of the poppers, waiting, then with some pain, the tip started in, it was so tight, Sue's eyes winched under the pressure on her arm, I told Chris to push harder, he did, and in it went, my ass now fucked by two 10 inch vibes and Sue's fist, that was it, my orgasm caused me to scream out, but not in pain. Slumping on her back, Chris let out a soft moan of pleasure, his balls empty and his cock going soft, Sue moved, he pulled back, our cocks slipped out, and Sue sat over my face, her ass towards Chris, his cum now running out filling my mouth, my tongue going in to find every drop, you could hear a pin drop as Chris stood wide eyed.

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Shen woo
Ai amano
Ive been watching your hentais for a long time you have a beatifull body i would love to eat your pussy
I finally realized that my mother is famous
Kouta hirano
I love how she rides and her tight asshole opens and closes quickly