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#61512 - I pumped my big dick so deep into that sweet young golden pussy she almost let out a scream then I remember who and what I am in the community and who and what she is, so I eased my strokes and slowly churned my dick into her, right to left, left to right, the breaking rythm to an in and out motion. I taught her to bob her head up and down, to pull it out of her mouth, and lick it from the balls to the tip of the dickhead, I taught her to gently place only one testicle in her mouth and gently suck it, I taught her where the nerve endings were and how to work her teeth and tounge across the head to bring me pleasure, then I started to fuck her pretty little freckled face, holding the sides of her face while she choked and gagged. She had begun to choke, then she starting coughing, followed by her little hands covering her mouth, which erupted like a violent volcano, spewing vomit eveywhere, (her brother doesn't cum in her mouth I would soon learn ) after I cleaned her up, and l

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Junpei hyuuga
I love this woman she is best
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Came so hard to this