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#57475 - With their dog-collars & leashes firmly in place , all were lead doggy-style to the washroom where each master urinated on their owned slaves Arthur took particular pleasure in pissing all over Sonia's tits ,face , hair for she was the biggest cocksucking slut of the group today . Licking away at the young clit Joyce found the whole experience delicious . Chapter 5- Saturday Night Party Sonia was dressed in her french maid's outfit , dog-callar & spiked heels, Sheila meanwhile was also wearing spiked heels but she wore a leopard skin thong bikini , Joyce was wearing thigh high hooker boots , a bra no panties & was ballgagged and finally Bev was collared , leashed , with nipple rings , and was buttplugged with short 3inch heels .

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