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#340757 - Katzman sent over your file, Harold Fagen said candidly, and after going over it carefully, I concluded just as he did, that you have absolutely nothing wrong with you physically, and that any problem that you may be having is most likely the result of some mental trauma!!! I realize that, Marcia replied softly, but what is it that's keeping me from having a sexaul climax, doctor, I'm only twenty five years old and still haven't experienced even one orgasm in my entire life!?! Well, the doctor replied gently, that is what we are here to find out!!! It says on your chart that you're not married, Dr. Fagen replied, let's start at the beginning, when you're with a man, do you become sexually aroused!?! Oh yes, she gushed, when ever I'm in the company of a man I can certainly feel the desire building inside of me!!! Exactly what do you feel, he asked softly?!? You mean specifically, she asked a little nervously?!? Specifcially, h

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