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#28583 - You reach into your locker and produce a nightmare of a weapon – a huge strap-on dildo in shiny ribbed black plastic, it must be nine or ten inches long and nearly two inches in diameter! It is one of the perks of your position to have such things in your cell, they are always ‘overlooked’ on the occasional cursory routine ‘searches’ by the guards, who in fact are your accomplices in the rapes of white pussy bitches. The whole bed creaks and groans with each downward impact, and I start to squeal as well – it feels like some road gang is excavating a tunnel through my pussy and my pelvis, and now they are starting to set off dynamite to blast their way through. As we stood with our legs apart and our hands on our heads, our breasts and pussies shamelessly exposed, the Warden had scrutinised each of us from top to toe before deciding upon our fates.

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She is turkish and her name is turkish_delight
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