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#369344 - But then things kind of went off track after I mentioned a lovely place I'd went to for lunch one time with a friend who I was at uni with and she had just been accepted to a school on the other side of town. Then as we were driving I was to busy sorting myself out I didn't think to say my address he must have read It on my application form surely? But after 5 minutes I said Do you know where your going? He replied I thought since I lived closer I could take you to mines and wash and dry your clothes for you then take you home I don't want you catching a cold do I? when I'm going to make you my new english teacher! So happy about It I didn't care where I was going and I said thank-you so much and that would be great. I started shaking then with his cock hitting off my g-spot and I could feel myself about to come when he threw me on the bed and went down to my pussy and started licking It I could fell myself getting closer and closer until I came then yo

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Tsurugi tatewaki
Really good
Yes yes yes more from lily thank you i love that ass
Ami kawashima
Her husband agreed with this