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#261326 - Ramegowda went to trance he never expected this he always wanted this doubt to be wrong but now it is in front of him and he now started observe the words they are saying. This pains remains permanently but if she mate it will lost in 3 days but it again starts next month in same time same date but the sex she had must be continuous for 3 days by do not wasting time Vijaya herd this all conversation and she said but my husband is not here and I have severe pain Doc-write if she did not do it now it also dangerous for her life Rathode- what to do Doc – call him Vijay – if we call him it take 2 days for him to reach Doc – if u both agree i’ll suggest one thing Vijaya- what’s that doctor Doc-u both do it there is nothing harm in that think about it Vijaya and rathode get shocked and they leave the hospital Vijaya called her mom rangamma(68) and said every thing happened( rangama knew that his son in law is not good to her daughter she married her for a man who doesn’t cares his

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