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#306905 - “What? A Viagra?” Terry grunted as his balls bashed against my chin, “of course I did! This fucking thing’s going to be stiff for hours!” “Get on the sofa then. I vainly tried to pull my head away when I realised what was happening but he grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock all of the way into my mouth and began thrusting his fingers even harder and faster into my twat; his palm pressing against my tingling clit on each plunge until I felt my own powerful orgasm begin in my toes as Terry threw his head back and gasped for air as stream after stream of warm stringy cum spewed out and filled my throat which made me tip over the edge and climax at exactly the same time. When I eventually opened my eyes Bob too was naked and taking photos of me playing with his friend’s firm cock as he shook my tits.

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