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#360862 - Sally cried out as the student withdrew from her she almost collapsed to the floor but not before another student caught her and stood her back on her feet. A figure emerged from the back it was Mel another female student She walked over to Sally and looked at her “nice body” she exclaimed placing a hand on sally’s right breast “Now I hear you have a very bright future ahead of you Sally, you have a degree your family plan on sending you to the greatest university and your already the school’s most favourite student, You must be very pleased with yourself” “But what would happen to all that, what if they discovered something about you something dark and wild, “would your parents look at you the same way again, would you still be excepted into that very private university you plan on going to, “Let’s find out shall we” “boys go ahead,” said Mel snivelling The male students Ascended on Sally immediately, Sally backing into a corner but before she knew it she was

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