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#168604 - It was a beautiful spring afternoon and Jay didn’t have a care in the world as he walked home from school! The sun was shining brightly in the clear blue sky and his thoughts were on maybe going for a swim in the old quarry pit on the other side of town when out of the corner of his eye he saw a middle aged woman falling down on the steps in front of her house!!! He raced to her aid and while helping her to her feet asked, “Are you all right, ma’am, that was a nasty spill!?!” “I-I think so,” she replied obviously a bit shaken, “that was stupid of me, I’ve never done that before, but thank you for helping me up!!!” “No problem,” Jay replied as he turned to leave, “I was happy to do it!!!” He was halfway down the front walk when she called out, “Say, would you like to step inside and have a glass of lemonade, I just made a pitcher full out of fresh lemons!?!” He was a little dry, and after giving it a moment’s though nodded his head and answered, “Sure, that would be nice!!!” “Wow,” he s

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