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#24402 - She reports how she faked being mentally broken and waited for a chance to escape, she's asked how she was able to resist all the mental and phyical torture and Ayame says Hate is a powerful emotion and as long as it doesn't consume you it can be a great source of strength . Merik says In your dreams did you resist your Son? Ayame says Yes master I tried to resist as my Orc Son raped and impregnated me , Rikimarue takes her to the kitchen and makes her a sandwich and gives her a bottle of water. After a while Merik opens a portal and sends all five dog demons away and closes the portal, he heals her flesh and says Did you like your gift? Ayame says Yes master I loved it so much thank you .

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Wow i so want to try this but i dont think i am think that good
Sangaku manami
Que chicas tan deliciosas