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#327000 - I told Lee to fist Pauline's arse, Pauline quickly took a sniff, as his fist started in, inch by inch going further in, then as Pauline let out a huge orgasm, his fist popped in. He looked down at Pauline, she turned and nodded yes, as she took another good couple of sniff's, his cock head, pushed against her butt, at first it looked like it was going to be to tight, then a few more sniff, and Pauline's hole just seemed to devore his cock, inch by inch it went in, she was going wild, thrashing around, her orgasm now just one long noise, it was then I realised Peter still had his cock in her pussy too. Possible seeing this, the guys fucking Pauline also started to cum in her, within a few minutes she to was over flowing with juices, and I wanted them, so I asked her to sit on my mouth and feed me their cum, she did, my tongue found her clit, as cum filled my mouth.

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Himena aika
Thanks glad you enjoyed it sometimes we get a little crazy
Nagate tanikaze
I would love i like it clean for you and then shove my dick down your throat
Shinjiro aragaki
To querendo dar meu cuzinho algum h a fim
Mahiru inami
Like if you want me to eat your pussy