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#273533 - I was then surprised when 5 or 6 new guys turned up, they soon had their cocks in any hole that was empty, mine included, then both girls had all three holes filled at the same time, as the guys must have been told about them liking anal sex, these guys must have been out night clubbing, as within minutes they all shot their cum deep inside the girls, one of the guys in Jan’s mouth took his load to her ass, filling her as soon as his mate pulled out. We played for an hour or so,before taking time out to freshen up, most of us also used the girls to empty our bladders over, then we had a nice warm shower to rinse off, then Steve gave us alight breakfast to keep us going. Jan then lay on the frame, and one of the dogs brought up, her ass quickly became his bitch as he rammed the full length in first go, his knot close to going in too, the guys once more cheered her on, this seemed to stir Jan up who now squirted her love juice out to show her appreciation of the fun.

Read Couples Fucking Kagami ga Miteru | 鏡子在看著你 - Original Amature Allure Kagami ga Miteru | 鏡子在看著你

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It s just not the same without mike
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Where was this place it looks gorgeous